This gorgeous outdoor Kerrville wedding will leave you speechless! Set among the stunning grounds of a Hill Country estate, this wedding has all the elements of a perfect springtime affair. From the bride's lace, ballgown wedding dress to the simple, yet classic buttercream wedding cake, every detail of this celebratory affair screams classic elegance. Leah Thomason did an amazing job capturing each lovely moment. Check out the gallery for even more gorgeous images.

From Published + Pretty...Brittany and Koley met as kids; their parents have known each other since before either of them was born. Growing up in a small town, Brittany and Koley's paths crossed a bunch, especially when they were in middle school and high school. Her best friend dated his younger brother so she would see Koley a lot at his baseball games and always had the biggest crush on him! They dated for about 2 years before they got engaged, and then had a pretty long engagement because she knew she wanted their wedding to be in April of 2019. "My favorite thing about our wedding day would have to be that time in-between the ceremony and reception when we were taking the bride and groom pictures. We got to just slow down and be together for a few minutes. I think that was the only time during the whole entire day where it was just me and him and we got to just relax and take fun pictures while loving on each other!" Brittany chose the historic Schreiner Mansion gardens as her ceremony backdrop specifically because of how beautiful the roses were during April. She chose timeless and elegant decor for her reception and gave every guest a pot of honey in honor of her grandfather who had been a beekeeper. Brittany was quite literally the happiest bride in the world. Her exuberance was so infectious that there was not a frown on anyone's face the whole day.