This next courtyard Corpus Christi wedding is the epitome of sweet. While the couple is the center of attention, the kids featured in wedding steal the show! Their little tuxes and super cute signs infuse so much tenderness into this family affair. Don't be afraid to add a little lightness and tenderness to your nuptials. Cute signs or little jokes during the ceremony really make for a memorable event.  It is clear to see from the photographs that the bride and groom were so happy to commit their lives to one another. Lauren Weeks did an amazing job capturing their love. The gallery has even more sweetness to absorb.

From Lauren Weeks Photography...I love photographing weddings that reaffirm that you will never stop photographing weddings. This was one of those wedding for a few different reasons. First, the couple couldn't take their eyes off each other or stop smiling at each other the whole night. During the toast, the brother of the groom said that when they met Rachel, they knew that this relationship was something special - it's so true and everyone was excited to share this day with them. Second, I love seeing couples come together to form a blended family. It's not easy and it's not always pretty, but you could see that the kids loved their parents and respected the person their parent was marrying. Next, the venue, The Courtyard at Gaslight Square, made for a very romantic atmosphere. Lights wrapped around trees and a chandelier hanging from a tree twinkled throughout the evening. Guests ate and danced the whole night - and the photo booth was a hit all night long. Lastly, who doesn't love ending the night with a beautiful sparkler sendoff. The shot of the groom dipping his bride beneath the sparklers makes my heart swoon!