When I first opened these images that Joseph West sent me, I thought for sure I was looking at a styled shoot.  There was just no way these images were from an actual wedding!  Needless to say, this Madera Estates Conroe wedding blew me away.  Let's start with the bride and groom's sense of style-straight out of a bridal fashion magazine!  And I love that the bride didn't try to compete with all of the stunning decor of the venue.  The soft cream and gold color palette give a sophisticated flare to the venue's rustic decor.  And the images by Joseph West Photography simply take my breath away.  There are literally no words to describe them so go and check them our for yourself in the gallery.

From the bride...Since our wedding was held in Conroe, I wanted to follow a rustic theme throughout. I'm also a firm believer that adding a touch of gold to anything makes it extra special. So to juxtapose the two ideas, I incorporated a few metallic touches to the rustic design mixing gold, rose gold, copper & silver.  Madera Estates is already in and of itself a very detailed and picturesque venue . With that being said, the venue didn't call for too much decoration. It only required minimal decor which helped us to stay within our budget. Everything was basically a DIY project with some turning out to be perfect and some not so perfect. For the ceremony,  I assembled programs that were inspired by a blog which required me to sew burlap onto paper. Each program had a different print for the cover, but otherwise they were all uniform. For the table seat assignment, I used a key cupboard that I designed to look like it was being used everyday to store trinkets, books, pictures, postcards and basically, to hang antique keys. The guests names with their corresponding table numbers were incorporated into each of the cupboards elements. To add a bit of romance and individuality to each table, I hand painted different love quotes onto wooden planks to serve as the table number markers. Each table came with two vases that I spray painted and gild painted to hold the flowers along with handmade twine table lanterns. I designed tags as placeholders that were hand stamped and tea stained to give it that aged look. Although not everything turned out as imagined, our guests were still delighted and marveled at the little touches throughout. Every detail was imagined and thought out carefully & required many hours of hard work, patience and creativity. To see our special day in photos made all the work worth the while and I wouldn't have done it any differently.