Get ready for all-out glamour, ladies and gents, because this next Houston Hotel Zaza wedding serves it up with such style!  Hotel Zaza in Houston was the perfect backdrop for this Old Hollywood Glamour meets Modern Chic wedding.  I adore how the bride took traditional elements and jazzed them up to reflect her personal style-the deep purple sash on the traditional white dress, the birdcage veil, and let's not forget those glittery, purple shoes!  The florals by Bergner and Johnson provide a vibrant accent to the black, gold and red colors of the venue.  And finally, the images by Weddings by Alefiya are just stunning...straight out of a magazine stunning.  Go ahead and dive in, your hump day just got a little better!

Stunning Wedding Shoes
Stunning Satin Wedding Dress
Bridal Head Dress
Stylish Bridesmaids Dresses
Bold and colorful Wedding Bouquet
Modern Wedding Reception Venue
Colorful Centerpiece

From Weddings by Alefiya...Julie and Jason were an incredibility easy going couple but had taken the time to choose the finer details, which would make the wedding sophisticated and chic. With Hotel Zaza being the setting for the ceremony and reception, the backdrop seamlessly tied in with the photos we wanted to create. Purple accents, disco roses (especially flown in from the Netherlands) and peacock feathers made the décor elegant and creative. These were also incorporated in her stunning bouquet. Old Glamour met Modern Chic and with the music of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida", Julie and Jason were wed.