So it's safe to say that I LOVE weddings!  The glorious dress, the sumptuous florals, the crowds full of laughter and tears-I love it all!  But when I run across a Dallas courthouse wedding like the one below, I am reminded of what it is all about-love.  At the end of the day a wedding is a celebration of two people coming together to express their love.  Michele Shore sent us these beautiful images of a couple whose love shines through in every photograph.  Start off your day right with a full dose of love!

Romantic Wedding Photo
Vibrant Wedding Bouquet

From Michele Shore...Barbara and Jim got married at the Southlake Town Square Courthouse near Dallas, Texas with 11 of their closest friends and family. It was a very small and intimate ceremony. They had a small reception immediately following at the resturant, Brio Tuscan Grille in Southlake Town Square. The only vendor was her florist which was done by Lilium Floral Design in Collyeville, Texas.